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ElectroFlex Accessory Kit

ElectroFlex Accessory Kit


The fine line between pleasure and pain is razor sharp.  The awesome Auto Erotic Chair (reviewed in the December '96 issue of AVN) is perfectly teamed up with the goodies from this kit of assorted electrical stimulation devices.

Those with an open mind and an ability to learn are in for a truly scintillating trip.

The products included in this accessory kit are intended for intelligent, creative uses (and keep in mind the golden rule of electric play: No contact above the waist).  Let your imagination run wild as the electricity courses through you or your lover's most sensitive, errogenous areas.

Comprised of patented, space-age materials uniting strength and flexibility, ElectroFlex has created a new era in the anals (pun intended) of erotic electro-stimulation.

The four product types include black rubber penile rings, in three different widths and diameters, with your choice of double or single electrode hook-ups; LBM (Little Big Man), a conductive rubber ball designed for vaginal and clitoral stimulation; an anal probe unlike any other; and a tickle-inducing Sparkler that really lives up to its name.  Team them up with the Power Box and... whew!

PES's catalog comes with an extensive selection of even more electric toys.  Or you can visit their Las Vegas showroom and be titillated beyond your wildest dreams.  This stuff is the wave of the future, folks.