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Seti Toyfriend

Seti Toyfriend


Sex can be fun, and we always appreciate it when a company develops a new item with fun in mind, from start to finish. Take the Seti Toyfriend, for example. Part of the next generation of Toyfriend vibrators from designer Eric Kalen, the Seti earns its moniker from the phrase “Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.” The head resembles a transmitter for your local dish cable system, or even the pistil of a blossoming flower. The soft silicone and pinpoint tip will have any user blossoming over and over again, and the cupped head allows them to transmit that pleasure throughout their entire body. The Seti is the perfect piece for consumers looking for focused, pinpoint external stimulation.

Retailing: The initial Toyfriend line has seen tremendous success in a short time, and this line will fare no less. They are affordable, attractive, and powerful. Who could ask for anything more?
Colors: Cyan
Power: Two AAA batteries (included)
Website: Toyfriend.us
MSRP: $$$