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My Teddy Bare

My Teddy Bare


This super plush, 19-inch teddy bear features a mischievous grin accented with black stitching, a naughty red tongue, and a winking eye. His body includes a handsome black bow tie and matching briefs, with three black buttons down his chest, a red plastic heart, and the company logo stitched to his right leg. The real joy of this super soft companion is the secret zipper compartment running the length of the back. The zipper pull is accented with a removable keychain that captures the bear's adorable face in white plastic with black and red accents. Once unzipped, the teddy bear is stuffed full of lovely surprises for the lucky consumer.

Included is a plush red heart that would make the perfect travel-sized pillow for the user or a comfortable head rest. A red satin pouch also displays a silk screened image of the bear on the lower right corner and is stuffed full of tantalizing surprises for endless combinations of bedtime fun. As an added bonus, consumers can look forward to a sweet smelling air freshener to liven up the bedroom with aromatic bliss before playtime. All of this is contained in an attractive and sturdy black box that is lined in festive red tissue paper that will help make the unveiling even more of a surprise for the lucky recipient.