Madi Collins Interviewed for AVN 'Fresh Faces' Feature

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Tiny ginger Madi Collins may only clock in at four-foot-10 but she's not shy about it, and that became clear in the native Chicagoan's recent in-depth AVN Fresh Faces interview with Lawrence Avery.

Raised "super Catholic," Collins has since blazed her own path to sexual freedom, first with exotic dancing in Arizona, then on OnlyFans, where her agent Ryan discovered her. After signing with Hussie Models in July 2020, she discovered the excitement and fame that comes from working in porn.

“I really found that flow that I was looking for,” Collins told Avery. “That life path. I resonated really well with sex work.”

To her delight, Collins' parents accepted and supported her new career path.

“They’re both very cool with it. I got super lucky,” Collins explained. “My parents are the type of people who have always wanted me to figure out my own path.”

Collins went on to talk about the process of getting into porn during a pandemic, meeting her porn idols, and her hopes and dreams for the future.

Those interested may read Madi’s full Fresh Faces interview here.

Madi Collins also stars in several recently released scenes, including one just before Saint Patrick’s Day, "Fuck O’ the Irish." The holiday-themed hit release for Hussie Pass, which partnered her with Brickzilla, was a new big-dick-riding experience for the diminutive brunette. According to Collins, who prides herself on her ability to satisfy, Brickzilla’s 13-inch member is the biggest she’s ever encountered.

“Seeing pictures of that beautiful cock just doesn’t do it justice,” Collins laughed. “It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen or been with in my life. I was really scared at first because of his size. Scared but excited. Once I got it in my hands, everything changed. It was like I was possessed. I couldn’t get enough of his huge cock. Thanks to Brickzilla and to Hussie Pass for an amazing scene.”

Those interested may see the trailer for "Fuck O’ the Irish" here.

Collins is represented by Hussie Models. For more information on Collins and her availability, click here. To offer Collins content production work, contact her agent Ryan here.

Collins also appears in the scenes "Spreading the Cyrus," "All Hump Breaks Loose" and "The Dildo Is Mightier Than the Pen."

Collins may be followed on Twitter @MADICOLLINSXO, Instagram @MADICOLLINSXO and LinkTree.