Womanizer/Lily Allen Partnership Draws Mainstream Media Eyes

OTTAWA, Ontario—As AVN reported just last week, UK pop star Lily Allen had announced that she and sex toy manufacturer Womanizer had teamed up to create Allen's very own product, Liberty by Lily Allen, and to lead Womanizer’s #IMasturbate campaign as the brand’s Chief Liberation Officer. In the week following that announcement, the partnership and campaign resulted in more than 800 mainstream stories about the team-up online, as well as in print, radio, and broadcast outlets, including features in high-profile North American publications including Rolling Stone, InStyle, Shape, CNN, US Weekly, and People.  

In addition to the impressive volume of media attention, Allen also sent gifts of the Womanizer's Liberty to celebrity and influencer friends who soon shared photos and stories with their fans. With more than 40 posts from global influencers, Liberty by Lily Allen and the campaign created buzz among nearly 13 million followers on Instagram alone.

“There are many reasons for our excitement about this campaign, but one of them is reaching new audiences and introducing them to the modern sex toy industry,” noted Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer. “With such a high-profile celebrity partnership, Lily Allen and Womanizer have helped bring conversations about sex toys, masturbation, and pleasure to the forefront of a massive mainstream audience. As our Chief Liberation Officer, Lily Allen will continue to help us raise awareness for sex positivity and masturbation on a global scale.”  

In her continuing quest to create a more open and sex-positive society, Allen has spent several months working with Womanizer to create her very own product, Liberty by Lily Allen.  Allen’s relationship with Womanizer began when she mentioned using its products in her Sunday Times best-selling memoir My Thoughts Exactly. Talking about discovering her own sexual pleasure while on the Sheezus tour, she wrote, “And since you ask if I had to pick one vibrator above all the others, I recommend the Womanizer.”

Liberty by Lily Allen is available now from authorized Womanizer distributors. Retailers may reach out to their Wow Tech representative for more details. For more information about the campaign, click here.