Pop Star Lily Allen Now Working in Collaboration With Womanizer

OTTAWA, Ontario—UK pop star Lily Allen has been on a continuing quest to create a more open, sex-positive society, and in furtherance of that goal, she's spent the past several months working with Womanizer to create her own product, Liberty by Lily Allen. Following a pre-launch period that began on Oct. 22, Liberty by Lily Allen will be available to all of Womanizer's B2B partners starting October 29.

The limited-edition Liberty is designed, according to Allen, for the independent woman: small, lightweight and stylish. With a magnetic closing cap, six intensity levels and simple two-button operation, the feather-light Liberty is reportedly great for travel, discreetly fitting into any handbag. Together with Allen, Womanizer created new packaging and an attractive color scheme to bring attention to the product.

Leading the charge on Womanizer’s #IMasturbate campaign, Allen has joined the company as its Chief Liberation Officer, with the task of raising awareness for sex positivity and female masturbation.

Allen’s relationship with Womanizer began when she mentioned using their products in her Sunday Times best-selling memoir My Thoughts Exactly. Talking about discovering her own sexual pleasure while on the Sheezus tour, she wrote, “And since you ask, if I had to pick one vibrator above all the others, I recommend the Womanizer.”

Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air Technology was the first technology to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings of the clitoris with gentle air waves. How does it feel? According to Allen, “Completely different. And Womanizer can give you an orgasm within a short time and even multiple ones.”

“We were extremely excited to hear that Lily was writing and raving about our brand and the products,” explained Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer, "especially in the context of owning and defining one’s personal sexuality, from our experience something that women, in particular, struggle with. For us, Lily is the embodiment of our brand: brave, honest, authentic and approachable. We are happy and thankful that we share the same mission, which is to wipe out the social stigma around sexuality and pleasure and make sure that future generations grow up in a more liberal and open-minded society."

According to a recent Womanizer survey of 7,000 men and women from 14 countries, the international masturbation gap between the genders is still 68%. Men engage in the act about 156 times per year, while women only engage around 50 times a year on average. Allen and Womanizer want to challenge existing assumptions and myths with the #IMasturbate campaign and invite people to reflect on their own, often negative attitudes towards the topic.

“Sex toys are still seen as a taboo subject because they are related to masturbation and female pleasure. Female pleasure in itself is a taboo subject. The only way to make taboo subjects no longer taboo is to speak about them openly, frequently and without shame or guilt,” said Allen.

Liberty by Lily Allen features, besides employing the "Pleasure Air" technology, a magnetic travel cover, six intensity levels, a running time of two hours on one charge, and is water resistant.

Full details can be found at Womanizer. Retailers interested in learning more about the product or the collaboration may reach out directly to a Wow Tech sales representative or contact [email protected].