WSJ Report Alleges Trump Camp Paid Stormy Daniels 'Hush Money'

LOS ANGELES—Citing “people familiar with the matter” as their sources, the Wall Street Journal today published a story claiming an attorney for Donald Trump paid Wicked Pictures contract star Stormy Daniels $130,000 “hush money” one month before last November’s election.

Daniels did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment, and a spokesperson from Wicked Pictures told AVN a statement was being considered. AVN will update as any new information is learned.

The WSJ story reports Michael Cohen—who worked at the Trump Organization from 2007 until after the election and reportedly now works in private practice as Trump’s personal attorney—arranged the payment as Trump faced allegations from more than a dozen women about innappropriate behavior. The money was meant to keep Daniels from speaking publicly about an alleged sexual encounter between her and Trump during a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe in July 2006, the report states.

Jessica Drake, also a Wicked Pictures contract star, made public in October 2016 her allegations of Trump kissing her and two other women without permission during that same event. Drake has stated she received no money or other forms of compensation for coming forward with her statement. Throughout the campaign and since taking up residence at the White House, Trump and his staff have claimed the reports from Drake and other women are “totally false and ridiculous,” but have offered no proof to back that up. Additionally, Trump promised that he would sue every woman who had made a claim of sexual impropriety against him, but has to date not done so.

Previously, AVN reported on a report from The Smoking Gun that Daniels and Trump posed for a photo together, shared a meal and eventually began a sexual relationship as well as Trump promising that he would get her cast on The Apprentice or another TV show.

According to the WSJ, Cohen issued a statement that did not reference the alleged $130,000 payment, but says Trump “vehemently denies” any sexual relationship with Daniels. He also reportedly forwarded an emailed statement signed by “Stormy Daniels”  denying she had a “sexual and/or romantic affair” with Trump.

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