Text Of Larry Flynt's AVN Awards Speech

LAS VEGAS — Porn mogul Larry Flynt, who's been much in the news for the past several weeks both for his lawsuit against his nephews for using the Flynt name for their start-up video production company and for signing onto Girls Gone Wild mogul Joe Francis' call for a bailout of the porn industry, gave a brief address at the 2009 AVN Awards show, the beginning of which undercut Francis' plea.

"We have the solution to what they're doing," Flynt said of foundering adult production companies, "and it's called bankruptcy."  

But Flynt actually took the stage to deliver a message of hope.

"My good friend Paul Fishbein asked me if I would come out and say something positive to the industry," Flynt began. "Well, if you remember a year ago when I spoke, I said about a year from now, half the companies that were in this business would no longer exist. I think that was right on the money. But I think this industry does have a strong future. We can no longer function the way we did in the past. Can't get a camera and a couple of models and go shoot a loop, put it on tape and expect it to sell. You have to create a quality product. You have to have quality performers, quality directors. The only thing that's gonna save this industry is the quality of the products it produces, and keep that in mind. As long as we remain excellent at what we do, we're gonna be around."

Short and to the point; that's what we've all come to expect from the man in the golden wheelchair.