Scarlit Scandal: The Best New Starlet Interview

This is the cover story of the April issue of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition.

LOS ANGELES—Scarlit Scandal did all but call her shot two years ago when speaking with her future agent for the first time.

The confident native of West Palm Beach, Florida, told Motley Models president Dave Rock that if she gets into porn that she’s going to become “the next big thing—like one of the next big stars.”

Rock loved the attitude, but gave a measured response, replying, “Well, we’ll see.”

On Saturday, January 23, in front of a worldwide audience for the first all-digital edition of the AVN Awards Show, Scandal showed why it wouldn’t be wise to doubt her.

The 21-year-old claimed the most coveted industry award for a new female performer, outpointing a field of 15 of the top up-and-coming girls in adult entertainment to win the 2021 Best New Starlet crown.

Before the night was over, Scandal also clutched awards for Best Three-way Sex Scene - Girl/Girl/Boy for her throw-down with Gianna Dior and Rob Piper for Muse (Deeper); and Mainstream Venture of the Year for her dancing in the G-Eazy music video collaboration with Vixen for “Still Be Friends.”

Even weeks later Scandal marvels at what transpired during the 38th annual ceremony.

“It's still a big shock to me because I have my trophies up on my mantel fireplace in the living room and every time I look up there it's like a constant reminder that you actually did that, bitch,” Scandal says with a laugh.

“I don't think it's something I’ll really ever get over because it was something I wanted so bad.

“And it was a goal of mine and I achieved it and it unfolded right in front of my eyes. And it was just insane. It's still insane.”


Wearing all red—her statement color—Scandal accepted the porn equivalent of the Rookie of the Year award at the Vixen Media Group viewing party in Studio City, Calif., walking to the makeshift stage at the company’s headquarters and making an emotional speech that she barely remembers.

“I got up there and saw everyone and I could not help but cry. I was just so overwhelmed,” she says.

After the awards broadcast ended, Scandal headed to the Motley Models viewing party about 30 minutes away on the other end of the San Fernando Valley to continue her celebration.

When she arrived, “it was like winning the award all over again.”

“I walked in the house and everyone was videotaping me and screaming my name and giving me the biggest hugs. And it was like that feeling all over again. I was like, holy shit I did it,” Scandal says, recalling that she shared a moment with her Motley sister Emily Willis, who had just won Female Performer of the Year.

"Emily was there, which was amazing because I wanted to congratulate her for winning the Performer of the Year,” Scandal continues. “And the energy was just so high at the Motley house. … We had a blast. We had some drinks. We played beer pong and danced together. It was a really fun night.”


It marked the culmination of a terrific debut season for the former shot girl at The Pawn Shop in West Palm Beach who will turn 22 this month. Scandal has performed in more than 100 sex scenes since her first pro outing with Rob Piper for Diabolic in March 2019, making two high-profile appearances on Playboy Plus and at press time landing the Twistys Treat of the Month honor for March.

One studio in particular that keeps requesting Scandal’s services is Vixen Media Group, which has featured her in almost dozen different scenes for their suite of premium sites including multiple shifts for Deeper, Vixen, Blacked and BlackedRaw.

Scandal knew about Vixen Media Group before she got into adult, making her ascent with the studio that much more gratifying. The October 2020 Vixen Angel tells AVN she’s thankful the company has become such a significant part of her success.

"It's honestly crazy that I can even say they're part of my career,” Scandal says. “Because that was like something I never even imagined me getting close to before I started in this industry. It was just something I would look at and swoon about, and just be like, ‘Damn, I would kill to be one of these girls.’

“And so having that happen and just them accepting me—every single person from the camera guy to the PA’s accepted me with open arms. I just instantly connected with everyone and I felt like I was meant to be there.”


The three-time AVN Director of the Year Kayden Kross, who launched the Deeper label in 2019 and directed Scandal in her winning three-way scene, tells AVN that Scarlit has “a very intuitive sense on camera.”

“She doesn't need direction to get nuance in the way she performs, both as an actress in her roles and in the ways she approaches the hardcore scenes,” Kross says. “She's ambitious and prepared but delivers in a way that feels spontaneous and honest.”

Kross continues, “Scarlit is a worker. She's not a performer you have to chase down every time you want to roll or fight with her phone for attention. She's very present and communicates in a way that is collaborative and makes the project at hand the priority.”

She says Scandal’s natural beauty shines through in “any lighting situation and any camera angle.”

“Because she keeps her ego out of the project and delivers her scene regardless of what her scene partner(s) are bringing to the table. She's a sort of chameleon,” Kross adds. “There's nothing you can't make with her. The first time I shot her, I had an intro shot where she's looking at Small Hands as he's playing a guitar.

“She had a way of communicating this sort of burn in the way she desired him that made the whole project in my opinion. As a director I've learned that if you can find a performer whose look into the camera makes you feel wanted and whose other qualities allow you to endlessly mix up your projects, it becomes a case where the only limits are on your own end.”


Motley head honcho Dave Rock says Scandal was one of the industry’s busiest girls before the porn lockdown came in spring 2020; she then chose her projects wisely after the pandemic took hold.

“She really optimized the first three months of the year and then when the pandemic hit, she was one of the fortunate handful of performers that had the luxury of living with her significant other who is a male performer and also a producer for many platforms,” Rock says.

“So she was able to stay busy during the pandemic, shooting 12 to 15 scenes for production companies while still keeping Covid safe with all the precautions in check.

“She worked with Playboy twice, did a great production with Kayden Kross and culminated with shoots with Vixen toward the end of the year. Then she was Vixen Angel in Q4. She conducts herself and her brand in a very professional manner. She has a great attitude and delivers an amazing scene. She has a great personality and gives off an amazing vibe. She’s a superstar.”

Scandal even discovered her alter-ego while in porn—Daddy Lit.

“Scarlit comes out when I have boy/girl sex. She's like the more intimate submissive. So a lot of the male talents see Scarlit. They never see Daddy Lit. Scarlit has very puppy dog eyes and is very timid. But when they say action she’s like a fucking sex beast that will do anything you want her to do, just really a dirty whore. Every guy's fantasy-type shit,” Scandal explains.

“And Daddy Lit is more hard. More of the girls see Daddy Lit. And she's like, nobody can tell me shit. Like, you're going to tell me what you like. And I'm going to do everything that you like but enhance it and it's going to be the best time ever. And it's mainly like, I'm the Domme.

“And I like being the one leading the scene and positioning the girl and doing what I want her to do like if I was the male talent. So yeah I like being the more dominant one.”

Scandal says she realized she had a dominant side through porn.

“Once I started experiencing more with girls that's what brought out my Domme side,” she adds. “Because I realized when I have sex with girls I'm more of a pleaser. So I would rather please the girl and she doesn't even have to do anything to me.

“I like being in charge when it comes to women because I think they're so fucking hot. I just want to take over.”




Photography by Keith Ryan