Fresh Faces: Scarlit Scandal

LOS ANGELES—Scarlit Scandal likes having the freedom to express herself in the adult industry.

“I like how I get to embrace my sexuality now without being judged,” says Scandal, the 20-year-old native of West Palm Beach, Fla., who made her professional porn debut in March.

And when it comes to taking nude photos, Scandal admits she’s anything but a rookie.

“I always wanted to get professional pictures taken but I never had that chance. So I would just prop my camera up, take my own pictures and edit them,” she reveals. “But I obviously couldn’t post them. Now I’m like posting my ass all over Twitter.”

Her fast-growing legion of admirers doesn’t mind—at press time she had racked up more than 48,000 followers on the platform, not to mention another 40,000-plus on Instagram.

Now represented exclusively by blue-chip talent agency Motley Models, the former shot girl has made quite an impression on directors and co-stars alike since arriving in Porn Valley.

“Everyone that I’ve met so far is super cool and welcoming,” Scandal tells AVN. “It’s very exciting. I have to say that it doesn’t feel like work.”

That attitude shows in her sex scenes—she had a couple dozen out at press time with many more coming soon. A few of those scenes feature Scandal with performers she used to follow on social media—and watch on Pornhub—making for some surreal moments on set.

“Yeah, I know my porn,” Scandal jokes. “I used to watch a lot of Abella Danger. I didn’t get to work with her but she did help direct my Mofos scene, which was crazy because she was giving me pointers and tips and helping me with my angles and opening up to the camera.

“Because I’m still learning with all that. And then after she took me back home and made sure I cashed my check. She’s a super sweet girl. I was like, ‘Why is this happening?’ Oh my god, I’m meeting everybody that I’ve been wanting to meet, all the people that I’ve been watching.

“It was super crazy and I’m still meeting people that I’ve watched—like Damon Dice. I used to watch his porn. And I just worked with him actually for Bellesa—for Jacky St. James.

“She was another one that I loved. I was like freaking out when I met her. I was like, ‘I love you so much. Your work is amazing.’ I love how she does actual stories you can relate to besides like the stepdaughter-dad shit.

“It’s like real-life stuff. Like the last time you’re going to have sex with your ex, hooking up with somebody at a party. It’s shit you can relate to when you’re watching it. So you connect with it more.”

Scandal played Dice’s ex-girlfriend who was kicking him out of the house in their scenario—but before he left they decided to bang one last time.

“So it was super intense,” she says.



Jacky St. James, the 2017 AVN Best Director-Feature winner who also has three AVN trophies for Best Screenplay, tells AVN Scandal came to her highly recommended.

“People raved about Scarlit to me before I ever shot her, so I had high expectations,” St. James says. “Scarlit absolutely exceeded my expectations. Not only is she incredibly professional and fun to be around, she understands sensuality, which is such a rarity in someone as young as her. She is a rare gem and definitely a star in the making. I cannot say more good things about her as a human and as a performer.”

When Scandal realized she was booked to work with the notorious lady-killer Small Hands for Kayden Kross’s, she couldn’t believe it.

“Oh my god he’s like my favorite,” Scandal confesses. “I’m like fucking obsessed with him. I told [Kayden], ‘I don’t know what to do’ the whole time I was getting my makeup done—I was like fan-girling. ‘What do I do when I see him? Do I introduce myself? Because I’m going to freak out.'

“And he gets on set and I’m just shocked. I’m like trying not to fan-girl and freak him out. I’m just like, ‘Hey, I’m Scarlit. What’s up?’”

Once they started handling their business Scandal calmed down and found her groove.

“I felt a lot more relaxed and less fan-girly and more like work-mode,” she says. “But after I did everything I was just like, ‘Did that just happen?’”

She never told Small Hands how nervous she was about pairing off with him that day.

“He’s a really cool guy. I was so glad I got to meet him on a personal level and see how he actually interacts, besides the porn aspect. He’s actually a cool fucking guy,” she says.

Small Hands enjoyed himself, too.

“The scene I did with Scarlit was a smoldering mix of sex, guitars and handcuffs,” Small Hands tells AVN. “Her beauty, sexuality and that lil’ evil, but cute smile of hers had me in heaven and hell at the same time in the best kind of way.”

Scandal, who says she has “a fascination” with tattoos, likens seeing Small Hands to “looking at artwork.”

“Like moving artwork,” she says. “Every time I look at him I’m just like, ‘What do I look at?’ There’s so much on you to look at.”


When Scandal first started watching porn she remembers being curious how the performers got there, not to mention who was behind the camera shooting them.

“Then I started finding models on Twitter. So the director would retweet their shit and I was like, ‘So this is where this work is coming from,’” she recalls. “And that’s what really opened me up to all the directors, the camera guys, the models, everything—was Twitter. That was like my plug for Twitter.”

She found Motley Models through her Twitter surfing, too.

“I went to the Motley page because I was lurking on this girl’s page,” Scandal cracks. “And I was like, ‘hmm, I wonder if this process is hard?’

“Because I’ve always wondered how people actually get into porn. I’ve always searched on Google, ‘how to get into porn,’ and nothing comes up.”

Scandal emailed Motley and to her surprise received a call from owner Dave Rock two days later.

“He called me and he was like, ‘We can fly you out tomorrow. … We want you,” she says. “I was like, ‘I can’t fly out tomorrow. This is a lot. I didn’t even think you guys were going to email me back.’ He was like, ‘Why? You have an amazing look. You should’ve been doing this…’ All this great stuff and I’m just like shocked.

“I was like is this really happening? I feel like this is kind of a scam. Part of me was like, ‘Is it real?’ And then part of me was like, ‘Maybe this is your go. This is your chance.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, well, how about I think about this. Because you want me to come out super soon.’”

It took Scandal about a month to make her decision and fly to LA. Once she got past being homesick on that first trip, she began shooting a lot and clicking with the other Motley girls.

“Like the other Motley girls at the house. They clicked with me and made me feel like I was at home and always made sure I was doing stuff with them, whether it was going out to get coffee or going shopping and I was like, ‘OK, this is cool. It’s like a little family,’” she says. “So I went back home for two weeks and flew back out the second time and it was just cake. I didn’t even want to go back to Florida. I was like, ‘Fuck no, I don’t want to go back.’

“And everything since then has been crazy, amazing and insane. It doesn’t feel real still. From the followers to all the people I’m meeting that I’ve watched in my personal life and I’m working with them. I fucking love it.”

Motley president Dave Rock calls Scandal “the total package.”

“She’s drop-dead gorgeous, super fit and her personality is just so infectious,” Rock tells AVN. “Other talent and the studios often compliment us on how great she is to work with and the passionate, sexual performances she gives on their sets. Being that she was a high achiever in high school track, it doesn’t surprise me to hear she delivers high-energy scenes.”

Rock continues, “She’s really coming into her own on social media as well. She’s been good at keeping her Insta clean and I don’t think that girl can take a bad photo. Even better, her ability to cross-promote the studio work she’s doing is super valuable and will only grow as her brand continues to expand.

“Motley is all-in on Scarlit Scandal and we are looking forward to watching her become the superstar we know she is.”


Scandal did her first pro scene with veteran performer Rob Piper under the direction of AVN Hall of Famer Mike Quasar for Diabolic.

“Quasar’s amazing. He is just a ball of energy,” Scandal says. “I remember it like it was yesterday. The drive to set was so nerve-wracking. I couldn’t believe for one that I was seeing fucking mountains. Because there’s no mountains in Florida. So I was like this is crazy. ... It wasn’t my first porno. It was my second one because I did one for an amateur site before Motley. It was for GirlsDoPorn.

“I was like, ‘I’m a model. I’m an adult performer.’ I’m literally in there with the other girls and the other guys.”

When she met Piper, she says "we hit it off instantly.”

“We’re super good friends now,” Scandal says. “He gives me good advice. He’s always on my ass about constant uploading… He helps me get my shit done, which is really cool.”

Quasar tells AVN Scandal made his job easy.

I'm always worried when I'm shooting a brand new girl because sometimes they don't understand the process or they seem uncomfortable—which in turn makes me uncomfortable—but Scarlit was an immediate burst of positive energy,” Quasar says. “I absolutely love shooting her. If she can avoid the stereotypical temptations of youth she'll have a great career.”

Director Billy Visual agrees. The nine-year vet, who calls the shots full-time for Mindgeek and Gamma, captured Scandal with Autumn Falls.

“Scarlit Scandal is definitely a ‘Fresh Face’ to keep your eye on!” Visual tells AVN. “I had her recently on set for Reality Kings. An easy way to gauge a new talent and whether or not they have the attitude for this business, is have a new girl shoot outside in the sun in cold water! Because we all know pools in California aren’t really heated.

“While a lot of new girls would cringe and hate the experience her attitude was amazing, which made for an easy, smooth day! And an amazing scene!”

Scandal also has credits for Brazzers, Zero Tolerance, Passion-HD, Mofos, Twistys, Babes, Nympho, AMKingdom, CherryPimps, Hustler, Swallowed, Team Skeet and BangBros, among others.

Scandal at the time of this interview had numerous performers on her wishlist for future scenes—namely Abella Danger, Joanna Angel, Gina Valentina, Seth Gamble and Mick Blue.

“I plan on doing this for a long time, too,” Scandal says. “I want to make a name for myself—a brand.”

She adds, “I told Dave on the phone, ‘if I do this I’m going to be the next big thing.’ Like one of the next big stars. And he was like ‘Well, we’ll see.’ And I haven’t proven him wrong yet. I’ve been doing my damn thing. I’ve been making good impressions. I’ve just been positive and getting my shit done. Keeping my head in the right place. And we’re good so far. We’re out here doing the damn thing.”

When she’s not on set, Scandal likes to shop, smoke weed, write, go to the beach—“that’s one of my happy places”—and watch YouTube videos, such as David Dobrik and Tana Mongeau vlogs.

“I also like dancing a lot—by myself—when no one’s watching,” she says with a smile.

The upcoming AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January will be her maiden trip.

“I’m already thinking about what I’m going to be wearing,” she says.


Photography by Rick Garcia/@IndustryByRick