AskMen Sex 100 Looks at People, Sex Toys, More Influencing Sex

CYBERSPACE— has published “Sex 100—The Evolution of Sex,” a listicle that names the website’s choices of the leading contributors—be they people, sex toys, attitudes or more—to the ever-changing culture of sex and sexuality. is a website dedicated to providing content to help men improve their lives through everything from new products to hot trends to expert advice on dating, fitness, grooming and more.

The list is heavily populated with people and products AVN has covered for some time, but it could mark the first time some men have encountered the like of Jessica Drake, Axel Braun, Joanna Angel, Ela Darling and Stoya, or the numerous pleasure products included. But it’s not just people and things that made the cut: also included are cultural trends (hand jobs and rimming are popular these days, especially among millennials); locations (New York’s Museum of Sex and the city of Berlin made the cut); and creations (TV shows Orange Is The New Black, Game of Thrones and Masters of Sex were all featured).

Highlights of the list include:

No. 87: Tenga Egg
“It comes in an adorably packaged carton and offers its users a “use and toss” option for those who want to feel a ribbed, vagina-like material glide over their genitals but don’t want to have to maintain and deal with hiding a larger, bulkier sex toy,” the list reads.

No. 79: Jessica Drake
“As the creator, director and producer of today’s leading sex education series, Guide to Wicked Sex, jessica drake is at the forefront of modern sex education. An exclusive contract star to adult powerhouse, Wicked Pictures, drake has witnessed a huge demand for pleasure-based sex education and she recognized early on there were limited resources available to people seeking greater pleasure and intimacy. She began channeling her experience to create platforms to help people experience sexual pleasure,” her description states.

No. 74: Girlfriends Films
“The lesbian porn producers Girlfriends Films from Valencia, Calif., are paving the way for adult film businesses that want to empower their performers,” the entry reads. “GF is dedicated to building a community of performers who support and care about each other, offering up a brave and exciting new voice in pornography.”

No. 65: Transformer
PicoBong’s sex toy is described as follows: “Meet The Transformer: The world's first gender-neutral sex toy. In essence, The Transformer is a double-ended dildo. But where the magic really happens is in the connecting body of the toy, which is made out of a flexible skeleton you can bend into any shape that's most pleasing to you — the options for how you pleasure yourself are only as limited as your imagination.”

No. 62: Ela Darling
“She’s a Los Angeles-based librarian turned porn performer who is a pioneer in the emerging world of VR porn. She’s been obsessed with VR technology since childhood, and her site, CAM4VR, is at the cutting edge of this new technology,” AskMen said of Darling.

No. 46: Babeland Sex Classes
AskMen notes, “it can be tough to keep up with the trends, or know which new toy is going to be the best addition to your sex life based on your particular needs. Babeland's sex classes aim to solve that problem, educating shoppers on the vast world of sex toys through a series workshops tailored to different sex toy genres and their particular use cases.”

No. 44: Axel Braun
The description gushes: “No disrespect, but it's not very often that you can point to a porn director and say, ‘Wow, that's a visionary.’ Unless you’re pointing at Axel Braun.”

No. 43: Autoblow 2
“Brian Sloan should be considered 2016’s Dr. Frankenstein thanks to the way his mind works. With the creation of the Autoblow 2 (wait — what happened to the Autoblow 1?) Sloan has essentially invented a blowjob machine.” (Read AVN’s review here.)

No. 40: Eva Couples Vibrator
AVN reviewed Eva last year (read it here). AskMen had this to say: “Using a sex toy during intercourse is kind of like having shower sex: One of you is left out in the cold while the other one hogs all the hot water or reaps all the benefits of those good vibrations. The Eva Couples vibrator solves that conundrum by providing pleasure to both parties.”

No. 29: LELO Hex Condom
LELO made headlines when the company tapped Charlie Sheen to be the spokesman of the Hex. AskMen was impressed by the innovation as well: “Its revolutionary hexagonal structure means it can marry both extreme thinness and much-needed durability. With discomfort, slippage and breakage being the biggest reasons people mis-use condoms, this is a big step forward. So yes, your night can be extra fun while still staying safe.”

No. 27: Custom Fleshlights
“Fleshlight, one of the world’s most popular male sex toys, has been rolling out some interesting modifications on their products recently. Now, you can penetrate a vagina or asshole molded from the genitalia of your favorite adult film star. You can also determine how tight the fit is, and what sort of “texture” your insert has! What a time to be alive.”

No. 26: Stoya
“Putting the power in the hands of its performers, TRENCHCOATx was founded by Stoya and Kayden [Kross] in 2014 and has been releasing lovingly produced, terribly arousing pornography since then.”

No. 22: Joanna Angel
“She’s an outspoken writer, sex activist, actress and alt pioneer who has carefully crafted a style of smut that’s true to her interests. Even more impressive? She hasn’t backed down from her vision since shooting her first porn scene over a decade ago,” the description raves.

No. 16: Magic Wand Rechargeable
We at AVN had nothing but words of praise for the rechargeable version of one of the most perfect vibes, and AskMen agreed: “The most famous vibrator of all time, it’s probably the most recognizable sex toy today, and there's a good chance you've seen it in a few porn scenes. As time has gone on, vibrators have become way more portable and compact — this one is large and involves a plug-in power source — but the Magic Wand still remains the Cadillac of vibrators.”

No. 7: The Womanizer
The new style of pleasure product that relies on suction to arouse women impressed AskMen as much as it did us: “A new device claims to give your girlfriend what she’s always dreamed of: an orgasm within sixty seconds. Wowzers.”

No. 5: Naughty America VR
“Thanks to Naughty America VR, men and their partners can finally turn their adult entertainment viewing into full on, immersive, adult experiences. Featuring the biggest names in porn, with weekly updates catering to the most popular adult fantasies, Naughty America VR delivers the fun, electricity and excitement that’s been missing from standard online porn for years.”

No. 1: Sex Robots
They are always a hit among fans and members of the press each year at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. While mainstream press likes to call them sex robots, the reality is they just happen to be standard dolls that have some technological advancements. But that didn’t stop AskMen from wondering, “Will robot brothels put real human sex workers out of work? Will your friends start telling you they're dating their sex robot? What kind of priest presides over a human and sex robot wedding, anyway? What kinds of pickup lines work best on a robot? Is it time to brush up on your binary code? These are the sorts of tricky questions we'll have to grapple with moving forward. One thing's for sure, though: Science fiction totally called this.”

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