Actors: AIDS Healthcare Foundation Wants Control Of Your Penis

BEVERLY HILLS — Upset that performers in the hetero part of the adult industry have the option to use condoms during their performances, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF — not to be confused with the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, or AIM) has scheduled a protest to take place outside the Hustler Hollywood store at 8920 Sunset Blvd. at 9 p.m. on Monday evening.

"Unlike the gay porn industry, condom use is not currently standard procedure in the straight porn film industry," the AHF press release notes. " Larry Flynt’s Hustler label is considered a 'condom optional' production house, but those in the business know what this really means: 'Condoms allowed, but if you demand to use one, you probably won’t be asked to work again!'"

See, for AHF, having performers tested for HIV every 30 days by PCR-DNA test isn't good enough, and they're using the recent case of one woman who was allowed to work with an expired test, and who was shortly thereafter found to be HIV-positive (HIV+), as an example of how "testing doesn't work."

Not that AHF would know. Although its "test" page features popular TV star Blair Underwood encouraging visitors to "Man up" and get tested for HIV, the "free test" being offered is the Elisa (antibody) test which can take as long as six months to register an HIV-infected person as positive. The Elisa was the standard test in the adult industry before it proved disasterously inadequate during the Marc Wallice debacle of the late '90s, and the crusading work of Dr. Sharon Mitchell singlehandedly revamped the industry's testing program to require the far more accurate PCR-DNA test.

But the objective of the AHF protest, rather than attempt to convince Flynt and Hustler Video to voluntarily adopt a pro- or mandatory-condom policy, is to push for the California legislature to pass a law to require adult performers to use condoms during every sexual encounter.

Several prominent adult industry personnel have explained why such legislation would be ineffective; look for their comments to appear in this space Monday morning.