Madison Takes Charge: Never a Dull Moment at the TEA Show

Above, TEA Show host Madison with dancers; photo by Chris King/

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—With Madison in the driver’s seat at the Avalon nightclub, where the winners of the 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards were announced last night, boredom was the last thing the audience had to fret about. The outspoken star, known for her site, was a highlight of last year’s TEA Show, when event sponsor Grooby and its founder, Steven Grooby, gave her a Lifetime Achievement Award.

But first to grace the stage at the March 5 awards show was curvaceous songstress Hudsy Hawn, who did a number riffing on “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, complete with a latex mermaid costume—and accompanied by Juanito Blanco dressed as a scantily clad sub. A regular asset at the TEA Show, Hawn ably assisted Madison throughout.

Madison also made a splashy musical entrance, surrounded by men wearing togas. The performer was bigger than life in a flamboyant wig, sweeping cape and black unitard with gold accents. For her opening volley, Madison put the crowd on notice to show due respect: “We are the motherfuckers who introduced trans people to heterosexual goddamn people. ... I am sick of all these people who try to shame the sex worker.”

The first award of the evening, Best DVD, went to a crowd-pleasing choice: Real Fucking Girls, directed by Mona Wales for Grooby and distributed by Exquisite. Wales and eight of her cast members came up to accept the award for Real Fucking Girls, which also won Best Transsexual Movie at the 2017 AVN Awards.

Next up was Best Photographer, with Bob Maverick of taking the prize—and giving thanks to “all the models I’ve shot for the last 18 years.”

During a slight delay while Madison completed her first costume change, Hawn filled in to announce the winners of the Best Trans Man Scene: Eddie Wood and Michelle Austin in “FTM Fucker” (

Madison emerged, wearing a long blonde wig and a sparkling dark green mini-dress, to reveal the Best Scene winners: Aubrey Kate, Will Havoc and Phoenix Marie. Alas, the always-lively Marie was not in the house.

Of course, Madison was more than lively enough to make up for any absentees as she emitted a stream of professional-grade profanity before the Best Scene Producer award was presented to Damien Kane.

Next, though now-retired Jonelle Brooks was not present to celebrate her win for Best Solo Site, the jet-setting trans star sent in a bilingual video message from Thailand to give thanks for the accolade given to

Before Best Internet Personality was announced, Madison interjected, “It hurts me so bad that I never win.” Indeed, the winner in the category—announced by sponsor Robbi Racks, who said, “We’re from Las Vegas, representing”—went to Miran, which turned out to be one of two awards for the slender Asian beauty.

Introducing the presenters for Best Non-TS Performer (Female), Madison said the outcome interested her because "I want to know the best female performer to break my virginity." Presented by Aiden Starr and Isabella Sorrenti and sponsored by Evil Angel, the trophy went to cisgender adult performer Amarna Miller. The pale, delicately pretty redhead sent in a video from her home country of Spain, and it was a big hit with the crowd. “This is my first award in the U.S. and I feel extremely proud,” Miller said, adding, “You are all fighters and I feel proud of you."

The irrepressible Madison was ready with a quip: “Ain’t no pussy like some foreign pussy. I used to get it in Dade County all the time. Foreign pussy with balls attached.”

The ceremony took a turn for the poignant when it came time to announce the Best Non-TS Performer (Male), sponsored by Flirt4Free and presented by Karly and Kimmy, representatives from the live chat pioneer. Bestowed posthumously on beloved performer Alexander Gustavo, who took his own life late last year, the award was accepted by Gustavo’s father, Mitchell. “Alexander enjoyed his occupation very much. Unfortunately he made a very unplanned decision in his life that he cannot take back," Mitchell said as the crowd quieted down to pay honor to Gustavo’s memory.

“One of his best friends, Dusty would also like to say something,” Mitchell said. The young woman standing next to him shared some eloquent words about a dear friend who left too soon. "He just loved to be loved,” Dusty said. “He was one of the most caring and happy people I ever met, and of course we wish he could be here tonight."

A popular performer in both gay and trans genres, Gustavo was also remembered at January’s AVN Awards, when Transsexual Performer of the Year Aubrey Kate expressed her sadness at his passing.

But since the show must go on, the next award was presented by director Buddy Wood, who named Natalie Mars as the Grooby Girl of the Year.

The next two categories got Madison started again. 'I love me some foreign pussy," she leered. Award sponsor Josh Stone of Trans 500 announced the Best International Performer (West). Winner Mia Maffia was clearly overjoyed, bobbing her head of long pink hair as she chanted, “Thank you, thank you so much, thank you, thank you.”

The Best International Performer (East) title, sponsored by Ladybody Gold, was presented to Megumi by Tarantino XXX and Sunshyne Monroe while Madison continued her running commentary on the parade of hot performers. "Bitch, you look GOOOOD. ... I'm turning gay this evening," she said as Monroe walked off the stage. “Sunshyne, you fine as hell. I'm thinking about it.”

A bit of levity was introduced with the Transcendence Award, presented by sponsor Dr. Alexander Sinclair with previous recipients Tori Mayes and Gia Darling to a “performer who lifts us to a new level of awareness." Darling blurted out the winner: LaLa Land.

Really, though, the prize went to Stefani Special, who had plenty to say to the industry crowd. “We had a really scary year last year with Prop 60, and because there was a vigilant team of workers we were able to beat it,” Special said. “I wouldn’t be here right now and we wouldn’t have been able to beat it if it wasn't for Siouxsie Q.”

Called up on stage, the Free Speech Coalition’s director of policy and industry relations added her thoughts about the Prop 60 fight. “I could text at 9:30 at night and [Stefani] would be ready to go at 9 in the morning and have her talking points,” Siouxsie Q said of the Transcendence Award recipient, adding that Special had given talks to many groups of potential voters. “She is an incredible advocate and we were lucky to have her,” Siouxsie Q said. “Blood, sweat, tears—you put it all out there.”

For the Model of the Year, photographer Bob Maverick and reigning BobsTgirl Domino Presley announced this year’s model, and Miran came up on stage to collect her second trophy.

Before a short intermission, audiences enjoyed performance by Sonique, an alumna of RuPaul's Drag Race. The blonde quickly discarded a modest black dress to reveal a bikini with elaborate fringe, rhinestones and sequins. The outfit wasn't the only flashy action on stage—and soon the crowd was cheering Sonique’s graceful splits and other acrobatic moves.

Madison came back on stage in a short and sassy hairdo and an even shorter and sassier off-the-shoulder peach-colored mini dress. After Madison got the crowd to quiet down to a low rumble, Madeline Marlowe and Mona Wales came out to present Kink’s Kinkiest TGirl Domme. Honey Foxxx came onstage as Madison channeled Rick James: "She's a very kinky girl that you don’t take home to mother." Foxxx thanked her fans, saying, “I have to give my love to my honey bees."

Best Transman Model went to Eddie Wood, last year’s FTM Best New Face; the Ms. Unique title was conferred on Mara Nova; and the Best Industry Professional honoree was Al Tom.

The Stroker of the Year contest turned out to be a tie, with the trophies presented by SheMale Strokers director Sammy Mancini and last year’s winner, Sasha Skyes. Casey Kisses and Korra Del Rio shared the title, not heeding Madison’s demand for a tie-breaking “stroke-off.”

Then it was time for the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Awards, with the first award sponsored by Grooby. Kelli Lox introducing a tribute video to inductee Wendy Williams and thanked the redheaded Southern belle for “taking me under her wing.”

For the second Lifetime Achievement award, sponsored by Wicked Sensual Care, Jessica Drake came out with two big TS stars: Foxxy and Morgan Bailey. “I've been in the industry for some time and I've seen lots of changes on both sides of the industry,” the Wicked contract girl said. “There will be more changes on both sides—until there are no sides.” Coming on stage to accept, Natassia Dreams gave her own tribute to her presenters. "These ladies behind me, I have so much respect for them and I'm so glad to be on stage with them and to have them present this award."

Dreams added, "I love all you guys. Pursue your dreams because it can happen." To help Dreams realize hers, Wicked Sensual Care provided her with $500 to donate to the charity of her choice.

Madison added her own praise to the elegant Dreams, who was wearing a truly spectacular gown with an Art Deco flair: "Say yes to the dress."

Among the other big winners were Chanel Santini, named Best New Face, and Domino Presley, selected for the Fan Choice Award. Presley joked, “Thanks, Mom, Dad—you support me even though I’m a whore.”

With just two more awards to go, a bit of drama rocked the proceedings. After the competitive Best Solo Model trophy went to Kylie Maria, resplendent in thigh-high boots and a jumpsuit with strategically placed rhinestones, another nominee came up on stage. Visibly angry, Salina Samone yelled at the crowd. After Samone stormed off, Madison said, "That was the highlight of my evening right there. My sister don't play"—but even that seemed to set Samone off all over again.

Finally the time came for Best Hardcore Performer. Sponsored by ICM Registry, the award was presented by a sartorially splendid trio: Natassia Dreams, Yasmine Lee and Soldier Boi. Lee worked in a topical comment: "Your rights are being taken away for you. … We need to stick together and fight that fucker. Is it appropriate to call him a fucker?" she asked, clearly speaking about our current POTUS. The crowd seemed to agree it was appropriate.

Picking up the award was Aubrey Kate, also a big winner at January’s AVN Awards. “It's been a fucking amazing year,” she said. “It's funny—my ex told me I was terrible in bed and then I got a call from Kink asking me to shoot a scene. And now I’m the fucking Hardcore Performer of the Year.” Then came thanks to her supporters, including Sheena Ryder, whom Kate credited with getting her into the business, and new publicist Kristel Penn, the Grooby staffer who just started her own PR business.

Before turning the crowd loose, Madison reiterated the call for solidarity among the trans community. “I'm not standing for any more sex worker shaming,” she said. “Keep getting that goddamn money.”

And with that, Hudsy Hawn came back to entice the crowd up on stage for one last dance, set to—what else?—Kool and the Gang’s “Celebrate!”

Among other presenters were Dan Hogue of TransErotic, Jamie Jameson of TGirl Nights, Michael of Hubstars, Douglas Richter of, and performers Alexa Scout, Annabelle Lane, Ashes Wednesday, Athena Addams, Bailey Love, Becca Benz, Beth Bell, Jesse, Lena Kelly, Magdalene St. Michaels, Rob Yaeger and Tyra Scott.  

For a complete list with just award sponsors and winners, click here.