Ron Jeremy on Rekindled Claims in New Civil Suit: 'They Lied'

TACOMA, Wash.—Ron Jeremy told AVN that the Washington woman who has now re-submitted sexual assault charges against him in the form of a civil suit is lying.

The charges, brought by Kristin Brodie and stemming from a September 2017 appearance Jeremy made at a Washington location of Castle Megastore, were originally filed with police as a criminal matter and turned over after investigation to the Tacoma City Attorney's Office, which last March declined to pursue the case.

TMZ reports that Brodie has now struck back with a new civil suit in which she says that while working the event in question as a "Rock Girl" for local radio station KISW, Jeremy committed four acts of assault against her, including "violently" groping her breast, squeezing her buttocks, sucking on the back of her neck and pushing his fingers into her vagina through her underwear.

"That's a lie. They lied," Jeremy rebutted. "I did not do that. We had tons of security. And it was not a Disney store, it was an X-rated store ... where they had security cameras 24 hours around the clock, everything is on camera. [The DA] dismissed it. What are you gonna do?"

Jeremy insisted that his long history of good favor in the adult industry should serve to buttress the fact that the criminal case was dismissed in vindicating him of Brodie's accusations.

"I'm the easiest guy to work for," he said. "I just shot a series of virtual reality, I had the best people in it, LA Direct [Models] gave me all their people, Mark Spiegler gave me all his girls. We shot 30 scenes, and everyone said I was the easiest guy to work with. And I've been told that for the last 41 years." 

He added, "You can visit my past and you'll see ... never got called in by police for beating up a woman, being abusive, being on a set and being abusive to actors. Everyone who's worked with me has said it was the easiest thing they ever did in their lives, and you can go back only a few months, and the proof is the fact that every single agent gave us their people."

To Jeremy's mind, Brodie "filed just to be mean. Just 'cause she wants to get her day in the sun. It's like, great, another case at my expense. She was dropped by the police and by the DA, but in America, people can still sue. So here we go again.

"I mean, I went from being the best-known porn star in the world to getting booed by 23-year-olds," he fretted. "I mean, what the fuck?" 

Photo of Ron Jeremy at the 2017 AVN House Party by Jeff Koga/@KogaFoto.