PHILADELPHIA -- National A-1 Internet, parent company of, announced Tuesday the completion of a long sought-after VOD partnership with AVODN Inc., owner of the popular Sineplex, Sinsational and Sinterracial lines. 

Beginning this month, National will begin putting up hundreds of movies on an exclusive basis -- the entirety of all three lines -- on and its other successful pay-per-minute sites.

The AVODN productions encompass a wealth of hot series, including Sliders, Rim My Gape, Triple Stacked and the multi-nominated lesbian series, Les Perversions.  Shot mostly in Europe, AVODN is known for using only the hottest of hot Euro babes.

The release of the libraries to HotMovies means the site’s customers will see a mix of new releases and vintage editions of ongoing series, which also include Winkers, Nasty Prospects and Gooey Buns.

“Our customers know the Sineplex brands and they want those brands,”

said James Cybert, director of business development for HotMovies. “We get customer requests for Sineplex and Sinsational on a weekly, if not daily, basis. We can’t wait to add the entire libraries of these stellar titles to our sites exclusively and we know our customers will watch them voraciously.”

Javier of AVODN said his company is "ecstatic" to partner with HotMovies in introducing the various film series to an Internet audience.

“We know HotMovies will help us tap very successfully into what has become a massive online marketplace," he said.

Cybert added the partnership, which took years to complete, was well worth the wait.

“Some deals take a long time to come together, but when you are talking about content as hot and in-demand as this, you take your time and make sure you do everything you can to make sure your audience will get to see all the best stuff,” he said. “The Sineplex and associated libraries are among the hottest around, with unique, hot stars and high production values, in addition to some of the most seductive, animalistic sex scenes you will ever see.”

For further information, contact HotMovies at (800) 611-MOVIE.