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Joe The Pervert

Joe The Pervert

Genre Hard Stuff
Niche Hardcore
Update Frequency Weekly
AVN Critics Rating
Quality 15
Quantity 15
Design 15
Features 10
Value 10
Total 65


Dropping his name probably won't get you anywhere near the White House or those sexy Alaskan-hockey-mom types. But Joe The Pervert is there for you. Actually, JTP is the everyman who gets to be everywhere most of us p-flick lovers will never be: up in some of the baddest porn stars we’ve ever spent a Friday night “with.” Fuck Rocco, Lex and the rest of those lucky sonsabitches who get to bone the finest of the fly. JTP is the average hairy doughboy next door who makes good 50 times over, all over honies such as Mikayla, Sativa and Katja.

Sadly, the site JTP.com isn’t at all as hot as the star roster it boasts. Except for a banner with shots of famous faces doing some POV licking, this appears at first blush like any PG-rated blog page. And for a website trying to net browser traffic in a sprawling sea of content and options, first blush is probably your best bait.

Users who do get snared will find some primitive options. They can download and stream in low and broadband. The footage is solidly C quality. As for the search functions, I couldn’t find any tools at all. Here’s one small bonus: Membership gets you get access to 21 sites—all under a network that updates “5 days a week.” The bad news is, many of them are designed as half-heartedly as JTP.

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