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Indecent Massage

Indecent Massage

Genre Hard Stuff
Niche Specialty
Update Frequency Weekly
AVN Critics Rating
Quality 10
Quantity 10
Design 15
Features 15
Value 17
Total 67


You know when you get a massage and you’re really hoping for that happy ending? You can get it at Indecent Massage. Just as the title says, you get a massage and some naughtiness, including fucking and blowjobs.

The performers seem like amateurs, but could be pros going under other names—they all have one-word names, like Rick and Wally. The setup is these guys are visiting the spa for a “massage." Although the idea is brilliant, the delivery is contrived. It’s almost like, cut to the chase and get to the fucking. You know?

The site is not aesthetically pleasing, but is easy to navigate. There are unlimited downloads and access to five other sites, including Internet Hookups and My Lesbian Secret. They boast that the pictures and video are at 1280 resolution, but that’s not the case if you watch the videos or clips on the website—with slow buffering time, you’d have better luck if you download it to your desktop. Just be warned there are fewer than 20 movies to watch. They look like they’ve been adding weekly, though. Additionally, you can watch almost 600 DVDs.

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