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Hustler VOD

Hustler VOD

Genre Hard Stuff
Niche VOD
Update Frequency Weekly
AVN Critics Rating
Quality 18
Quantity 20
Design 14
Features 19
Value 18
Total 89


Some porn fans prefer getting their hardcore goodies parking-meter style. For them, it’s hard to beat the pay-per-minute system of VOD sites. HustlerVOD.com works like most on-demand sites. Instead of buying a plan “prix fixe,” you set up an account and buy minutes like you’d add cash to your Starbucks card. This way, you get no pesky bills, and you watch only what you want.

HVOD’s site is spartan as porn sites go. Maybe the XXX empire is resting on its laurels, not smothering your face in some “watch porn here!” bosom. The down side, though, is the same as the upside, because the flashiest sites sell to customers who log on because they WANT to be bombed by that T&A blitzkrieg.

The site lets you search using a thorough tool bar. Dig under “new releases,” “just added” and “stars.” Hundreds of studios are listed here, which is great for the user who gets to sample outside of Hustler’s catalog. There are dozens of categories, too—from adult animation to wheelchair and wrestling. And for the old-schoolers who still like their action on the family set, HVOD has a full tutorial on hooking up your PC to your TV.

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