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Niche Amateur
Update Frequency Daily
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Quality 19
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Total 92


Despite moving the entire company to Amsterdam last year after 10 years in Australia, AbbyWinters.com continues to offer its members one of the most unique and exceptional online experiences of any adult site on the web. That is no mean feat. The brand itself was intimately intertwined with Australia to an extent almost unknown in the industry. The name itself evoked cute, amateur Aussie girls exhibiting an uninhibited freedom in their natural habitat. Unbelievably, the authenticity for which the site is famous remains totally intact, and has only reinforced the company’s notable dedication to providing its loyal fan base with authentic amateur content. But the site does far more than meet and exceed the expectations of its members. It also is a shining example of a platform that in and of itself exemplifies its brand. In other words, AbbyWinters.com and Abby Winters the brand remain inexorably one and the same, mirrors of one another, indistinguishable, interchangeable and all but identical.

An obvious labor of love, the site is extraordinary for its pure functionality; every decision seems to have been geared to making AbbyWinters.com the ultimate user-friendly website while also maintaining its sex-positive, model-positive ethic. From the get-go, a member can program his or her experience with a few clicks of the mouse in a Preference section where they can optimize general settings, streaming video quality, download preferences, sorting options and more. It’s but one indication of the way in which the site is meant to be truly interactive. Rather than a fantasy world out of reach to the common member, AbbyWinters.com has always been and remains a site of, by and for the member.

Navigation is equally seamless. Content options are broken up into four main categories: models, shoots, videos and images, with offerings relentlessly and yet clearly cross-promoted throughout the site. Browsing pages feature additional filtering options, such as the ability to change age and height ranges, which is something this reviewer has never seen on any other adult site. One can also sort results by age, name or last updated, or use the very cool Multi-Select Mode. One click clears all filters and returns results to the default mode.

Content is broken up into categories called Solo, Intimate Moments, Girl-Girl and Backstage, and the site continues to shoot women in their homes, using available lighting in order to create the most natural and spontaneous experience—primarily for the model, and then secondarily for the viewer. The belief, as it has always been, is that a truly erotic experience for the models will translate into a truly erotic experience for the viewer. As always, the site also features all types of women, eschewing the plasticized, surgically enhanced porn stars that populate the majority of other adult sites. Shooting in Australia may have stopped last year, but you would never really know it from the new models featured on the site. Natural, adorable women willing to shed their clothes and frolic on AbbyWinters.com apparently can be found throughout the world.

The community area has a cool feature called Dildo Drive (send your dildos in for models to use in shoots!), and extras include custom wallpapers and calendars and of course discussion boards, which appear to be very active and even deliver a forum exclusively for the models. Very cool, that. The site also provides an extensive tour that gives prospective members a thorough look at what they will get inside.

Pricing-wise, AbbyWinters.com is a tad on the high side for membership sites, but it also provides more flexible and original membership options than most sites. People can join per section—Solo ($25/mo.), Girl-Girl ($30/mo.), Intimate Moments ($25/mo.)—or get all three sections for $39/mo. Packages can also be customized to the individual’s preference, an option that only adds to AbbyWinters' overall commitment to provide a come-as-you-are, pay-what-you-can, have-it-you-way buffet of authentic, amateur carnal delights. The only thing missing is men, but who needs them?

UPDATE: Following a query to AbbyWinters.com about girl/boy content on the site (which we were positive we saw a year ago, but could not find during recent explorations), we received a reply that confirmed our original experience. There is girl/boy content, but it's really limited and the site has decided to intentionally not promote it until there is more. That's the good news! The girl/boy content that's currently on the site looks fantastic—for example, here and here—and more is on the way!

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