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pjur med Repair Glide
Manufacturer: Pjur Group USA

pjur med Repair Glide


pjur has really stepped up its game with the introduction of the pjur med line, and the Repair Glide is a real gem in the collection. The water-based lubricant contains hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally present in the human body, with the highest concentrations in the eyes and joints. The acid helps to repair skin that is burned, scraped or wounded, and also acts as a natural moisturizer. In the case of pjur med Repair Glide, the hyaluronic acid helps the water bind together to provide more than average lubrication. The lubricant covers the skin in an invisible, air-permeable film that keeps skin smooth and soft.

Website: pjurmed.com
Retailing: The entire pjur med line should be on your shelves or in your inventory already, but if it’s not, start with the Repair Glide.
Sizes: 100 ml bottle
Display: Shelf