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Libido Massage Candle
Manufacturer: Shunga Erotic Art

Libido Massage Candle


One of the newest products from Shunga Erotica Art, this fragrant candle pulls double duty by melting into a lukewarm pool of natural oils for sensual massages. A number of scents are available to help heighten the senses. The candles burn for up to 40 hours, and the soy base helps to leave skin smooth and silky to the touch. The metal container has three points, which makes pouring the oil directly onto skin easy; just make sure to extinguish the flame first. The oil soaks into skin and won’t clog pores.


Website: Shunga.com

Scents: Rose Petals, Vanilla Fetish, Exotic Fruits, Sparkling Strawberry Wine, Intoxicating Chocolate, Exotic Green Tea

Sizes: 5.7-ounce tins