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Inflatable Position Pillow

Inflatable Position Pillow


The problem some people have with position pillows is the issue of storage; if you live in cramped spaces, or with nosy people, finding a place to keep the pillow out of sight but still handy enough to use can be a boner/lady-boner killer. Adam & Eve solves that dilemma with its inflatable version, which offers sturdy construction combined with a little adjustability. The pillow inflates easily and features handles on the side for more stability and a velvety-soft fabric covering. The wedge-shaped pillow can be used to prop up a partner’s chest, hips, legs, back and more and supports up to 300 pounds.

Dimensions: 24 inches long by 16 inches wide by 4 inches at lowest point to 8 inches at highest point
Materials: Vinyl, fabric flocking
MSRP: $$