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Manufacturer: Aneros



From the Trident range—a collection that takes classic prostate stimulators from Aneros and refines them—the Helix features a larger head than other stimulators in the series, and an angled and contoured body that is more responsive to the body’s contractions. Among the refinements for the Trident series is the configuration that allows the piece to move from y to x axis, which creates a wobble that produces more intense results in a shorter amount of time. The design is a combination of the award-winning Helix and Helix Syn shapes.

Website: Aneros.com

Dimensions: Tip width: 1.06 inches; mid-range width: 0.93 inches; stem-to-perineum distance: 1.75 inches; insertable length: 4 inches

Colors: White

MSRP: $$$

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