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Egg Wavy
Manufacturer: Tenga

Egg Wavy


Tenga has long been a leader in disposable masturbation devices for men, and one of the manufacturer’s more popular products if the Tenga Egg series. The latest addition to the series—Egg Wavy—kicks off the company’s Cool Egg collection. The single-use masturbator is super stretchy to fit any man, and is infused with a menthol-infused lubricant to deliver a cooling sensation. The plastic egg packaging is a pearly aqua blue color, and the wrapper features waves to show customers what the texture inside looks like. The Egg Wavy can also be placed inside out over a vibrator for more unique sensations.

Website: Tenga-Global.com
Materials: Silicone
Dimensions: 49 mm deep by 49 mm wide by 61 mm high

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