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Twistty Duo Balls
Manufacturer: Maia Toys

Twistty Duo Balls


Literally a different twist on the Kegel exerciser, Maia Toys’ Twistty Duo Balls are aptly named. Made entirely of silicone, the two balls are joined together; they look like a piece of taffy that’s been twisted and pulled. (An assortment of Maia toys feature this ridged “twistty” surface.) Beneath the satin-soft silicone outer shell are weighted balls that jiggle when the exerciser is shaken or squeezed, intensifying sensation. The Duo Balls are bigger than many vaginal balls, but they’re extremely user-friendly with the addition of a little water-based lube—and the silicone cord on one end ensures easy retrieval. The Duo Balls also come with a stretchy matching storage pouch.

Website: MaiaToys.com

Retailing: The colorful and eye-catching box features embossed and varnished images of the item, which can also be viewed in a clear window that is protected by a Velcro-secured panel to keep the product from getting shopworn. 

Colors: Confetti (bright yellow), Porpora (purple)

Display: Hanging or shelf

MSRP: $$

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