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Tenga Squeeze Play
Manufacturer: Entrenue

Tenga Squeeze Play


Until recently, male masturbators have always had a degree of chuckle factor built into them –– how many guys do you know who can actually use an Auto-Suck with a straight face? And then you have to clean the damn thing. How many guys do you know who actually clean things? In our March/April issue we published a glowing review for the Tenga Lip Service, a Japanese-designed disposable masturbator that raises the bar on such products. Tenga’s Squeeze Play is equally well-designed, but offers a different kind of experience. Whereas Lip Service has a hard case, Squeeze Play resembles a fat, oversized toothpaste tube. Fitted with a contoured, pleasure-enhancing interior not dissimilar to its brother, Squeeze Play’s flexible shell allow the user to manually adjust the “grip” of the unit simply by squeezing. And it works, just like “regular” mastubation! Available in two sizes and produced in a Class 10,000 clean room, Squeeze Play is so clean you can eat off it, though we don’t recommend that since it’s pre-lubed. At around $20, it’s cheaper than a dinner and a movie, and completely disposable. Yeah, James Brown sang that it’s a man’s world, but thanks to Tenga, when it comes to sex toys for dudes, the market is only now coming into its own. So to speak. Take it to the bridge! Uh!