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Tenga Lip Service
Manufacturer: Tenga

Tenga Lip Service


In a disposable culture obsessed with disposable income, sex comes to mind as one of the most viable commodities. With the exception of the Fleshlight, most male masturbators are floppy, sorry affairs, and ugly as hell to boot. Leave it the Japanese to bring pristine functionality to the mix, creating a line of incredible disposable masturbators that are so cool, they'll tempt even the most hardcore opponent to the very notion of fornicating with a piece of rubber. Encased in a hard, almost-hourglass shape, the Tenga Lip Service is a thing of mysterious beauty on the inside, chock full of strategically placed doo-dads and dealie-bobs designed to provide maximum pleasure-and it's pre-lubed to boot. Peel off the safety seal, crack open the lid, and insert yourself into the deceptively small hole. By covering the small hole at the other end of the device, suction is increased by creating a vacuum. Lay off the hole, and things get a little sloppier. Alternate for an experience not unlike a first-class BJ.  When you're done, you toss it, and at less than $20, it's not a bad price for a cheap date. Produced in a Class 10,000 clean room and assembled by a company that also handles some of Japan's largest cosmetics, food, and OTC pharmacy products, Tenga masturbators (the Squeeze Play model is like a fat tube of toothpaste) are among the best we've tested-and at that price, ridiculously affordable. No wonder they're the best-selling pleasure toys for men in Japan.