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Tenga Flip Hole
Manufacturer: Tenga

Tenga Flip Hole


If the only unique thing about the Tenga Flip Hole were the ease with which it can be cleaned, it might be enough for us. But when you note that there are varying textures inside and buttons outside to vary the suction and pressure, it’s easy to see why the Flip Hole was such a hit in Japan and is fast becoming a must-have here in the States. The silicone insides have nubs, flaps, bubbles, ribs, and more. It’s not designed to simulate the feel of a vagina, and that’s not a bad thing in our opinion. The textures of the black version are completely different than the white, which could mean return customers. Packaged with three Tenga lubes (Mild, Real, and Wild).

Retailing: Keep one open to show off possibilities.
MSRP: $$$
Colors: Black, white
Display: Shelf