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Tenga Flip Air and Flip Air Lite
Manufacturer: Tenga

Tenga Flip Air and Flip Air Lite


These modified versions of the Tenga Flip have one air pressure button as opposed to the three on the original masturbator. The body design is a little more compact, and the Flip Air Lite is even smaller than the Flip Air. Like their predecessor, the Flip Air and Flip Air Lite open at the seam for easier cleaning and care, and the plastic brace that keeps the units together when in use doubles as a drying stand. The textured silicone inside provides amazing stimulation, but the suction can produce some loud squelching noises on occasion.

Website: Liberator.com
Retailing: The textured insides are safe for contact with even the most sensitive skin.
Colors: Black, white
Display: Shelf
MSRP: $$$$