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Manufacturer: Aneros



Shaped like a designer chess piece, the Tempo is so pretty it inspires lust at first glance. One wants to know what pleasures this unisex anal plug will unlock once it’s inserted and the rectal muscles begin to contract, nudging the bulbous head against the prostate. The Tempo’s shape is similar to the Aneros Peridise, but the gleaming stainless steel makes it more elegant, and easier to clean. A versatile unisex tool, the Tempo is suitable for solo or couples play. Some men report that they can achieve solo hands-free orgasms. And both men and women can keep it snugly in place for added sensation during intercourse or oral sex.

Website: Aneros.com
Retailing: The Tempo is pretty and non-threatening enough to lure neophytes, but it’s the pros who will really appreciate its charms and be willing to laid down cash. Point them in the direction of the forums on Aneros.com, which feature heartfelt testimonials.
Size: Insertable portion is 3 7/8 inches long, 7/8th inch at the widest point
Material: Stainless steel
MSRP: $$$

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