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System JO Clitoral Gel
Manufacturer: Jo (aka System JO)

System JO Clitoral Gel


We sometimes think clitoral gels don’t get the attention they deserve. Sure, they are starting to show up in commercials on mainstream TV, but they have been around for some time, and some companies, like System JO, know how to get them right. And with four varieties available, your customers can feel free to pick and choose or mix and match. The descriptions of each version are perfect, since the mild really is a nice tingle, while Atomic had us grabbing the sheets and holding on for dear life … but in a really good way. Kudos to System JO for understanding that not every woman wants or can handle the same intensity when it comes to clitoral stimulating gels, and actually doing something about it.

Retailing: Keep some on hand to let buyers feel the difference in the varieties.
Display: Hanging
Varieties: Light, Mild, Wild, Atomic