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Spiral 3D
Manufacturer: Tenga

Spiral 3D


The fertile minds at Tenga never cease to amaze us. Their latest creations are getting rave reviews not only from loyal fans, but outsiders as well. The 3D creations were recently awarded the Red Dot Award for Design. Simplicity is the biggest draw of these masturbation sleeves. Clear packaging allows customers to see the texture of the sleeve, since it’s turned inside out. The Spiral version is a winding design, created by sculpting the sleeves into a hexagon with ridges and then twisting it. The combination produces two sensations, really sending users over the edge.

Website: Liberator.com
Retailing: The sleeve easily folds inside and out between uses for easier cleaning, and the packaging also serves as a drying rack and storage unit.
Colors: White
Materials: Silicone
MSRP: $$