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Sliquid Organics Lube
Manufacturer: Sliquid, LLC

Sliquid Organics Lube


In a world where consumers can barely pronounce, let alone identify, the ingredients in what they eat and what they slather on their bodies, your patrons will feel you genuinely care about them by stocking natural products like this wonderful lube. With Sliquid Organics on their bedside table, men and women can feel good about using this intimate product on some of the most sensitive skin and tissue on their bodies. The lube is earthy (and earth-friendly, as the bottle is recyclable PET in a beautiful amber color), 100 percent natural, vegan and organic, and perfect for anyone who wants to be very kind to their body. And who doesn't? That which makes it slippery has the sensation of fresh aloe vera, a key healing and moisturizing ingredient. Also, the vitamin E and flax restores the skin's natural elasticity; green tea extract act as an anti-inflammatory, and hibiscus soothes and relaxes. It stays slick for a decent amount of time, reactivating with a touch of water. And it tastes like nothing at all. $