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Sliquid Lube Cubes
Manufacturer: Sliquid, LLC, Sliquid, Sliquid LLC

Sliquid Lube Cubes


Consumers are willing to try new products if they don’t need to make a big commitment, and it’s clear from these Lube Cube samplers that Sliquid understands this. The samplers include products from the Sliquid Naturals, Sliquid Organics and Ride Dude Lube lines, as well as Sliquid Organics O Gel. For details, call (800) SLIQUID or email [email protected].

Website: SliquidOrganics.com
Retailing: A great way to introduce new customers to the Sliquid product range.
Contents: A dozen assorted 5mL packs
Display: Shelf, POP