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Sensual Massage Oil
Manufacturer: Sliquid, LLC

Sensual Massage Oil


Liquor may be one of the most reliable social lubricants, but as one moves from social to sexual intercourse, Sliquid’s products work far better. And now the intimate-lube giant has a brand-new Sliquid asset on the market: massage oil. Like its other formulas, the ingredients are safe, pure and natural, and they feel great on the skin. The newly released formula comes in two variants: Rejuvenation is powered by the invigorating essences of mandarin and basil; Tranquility’s lime verbena base scent is softened with the sensuous richness of coconut.

Retailing: Luxurious scents will definitely pass the sniff test, so leave testers out.
Scents: Rejuvenation (mandarin basil), Tranquility (coconut-lime verbena)
Ingredients: Almond, coconut, grape seed, macadamia, sunflower and jojoba oils, shea butter and botanicals

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