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Ride Dude Lube
Manufacturer: Sliquid, LLC, Sliquid, Sliquid LLC

Ride Dude Lube


Designed for the purists out there, Ride Dude Lube is a thick, water-based gel lubricant that stays slick even during prolonged sessions. It doesn’t get sticky or tacky, and is much easier to clean up that a silicone-based formula. It doesn’t stain and is odorless as well.

Website: Sliquid.com
Retailing: The ingredient list is short, to please those looking for a more natural lube option.
Sizes: 4.2-ounce, 8.5- and 17-ounce bottles
Ingredients: Purified water, plant cellulose (from cotton) cyamopsis (guar conditioners), potassium sorbate