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Pulse II Duo
Manufacturer: Hot Octopuss

Pulse II Duo


The Pulse II Duo is a masturbator/massager designed to bring men to orgasm using a unique cradle-like shape that stimulates the most sensitive part of the penis without the need for lubricant. The Pulse II Duo also works regardless of whether or not the penis is erect. Using PulsePlate technology, the unit features powerful oscillating motors that sit directly against the penis’ frenulum and corona to stimulate without any stroking motion necessary.

Website: HotOctopuss.com

Retailing: The Pulse II Duo is designed for couples’ use, and facilitates mutual orgasms with a hands-free design and a separately controlled motor on the underside for direct clitoral stimulation.

Features: Five stimulation modes

Display: Shelf

MSRP: $$$$