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Nexus O
Manufacturer: Nexus

Nexus O


In the burgeoning market for male G-spot (aka P-spot) toys, the Nexus O stands out from the crowd with its unique shape and feel. While most P-spotters are made of hard plastic to provide firm pressure to the prostate, the O is made of softer medical-grade silicone that works its magic via the circular design. The pinching of the O shape not only keeps the device in place, but also provides significantly more perineum stimulation.

Mastering P-spot orgasms takes patience (and plenty of lube), but the rewards are well worth it. And while the gay market for this product is obvious, don't underestimate the interest that straight men and their partners have in prostate play. The manufacturer advises against using silicone lubricant, so be sure to point customers toward your favorite water-based lubes when you upsell. Available in black and purple. $$$