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Nexus Gyro
Manufacturer: Nexus

Nexus Gyro


Designed in conjunction with the U.K.'s "Sex Worker of the Year" (We'd like to have been there for that session.), the Gyro is a hands-free prostate stimulator perfect for solo play or as a foreplay/intercourse enhancer. The large ball at the end of the P-spot "plug" not only keeps the Gyro firmly in place, but also provides a safety stop; and its oversized, rounded shape enhances the natural, "gyrating" hip movements that are at the heart of the stimulation process. The Gyro is made from high-grade silicone, making this toy softer than those of hard plastic. But, its somewhat aggressive design compensates for the pliability-which is a nice change of pace. The packaging is simple, understated, and tasteful, with helpful instructions printed on the inside of the insert label. When you add it all up, the Gyro is yet another top-drawer offering from one of the U.K.'s leaders in sexual health products and a highly recommended item for gay and straight customers alike. $$$