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Man Eaters From Outer Space
Manufacturer: Big Teaze Toys

Man Eaters From Outer Space


The newest vibrating toy from Big Teaze Toys is a far cry from the Duckie. The Man Eaters are 6.5 inches tall and resemble a giant green space alien with his mouth open, hungry for whatever he can find. The piece is designed for men, but can be used for women as a personal massager as well. Shaped almost like a Russian nesting doll, this vibrator has little toes that stick out from the body for more precise stimulation, and a belly button that serves as the on/off switch and powers the massager through its three speeds.  The alien’s mouth opens wide to gently cup body parts and make sure everything and everyone get the stimulation needed.

Website: BigTeazeToys.com
Retailing: The Man Eaters are a nice variation on traditional massagers, and can be kept out on display without worry.
Colors: Green
Display: Shelf
MSRP: $$