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Manufacturer: Joydivision



These weighted balls are perfect for Kegel exercises, or just a little fun. Coated in medical-grade silicone, they’re easy to insert and easy to remove, thanks to the nylon loop cord that is longer than most. A variety of colors are available, meaning there is sure to be a favorite for every woman. Since they are made by JOYDIVISION, you know they are built to last—and they’re dermatologically and clinically tested to make sure they are safe for the body. Joyballs are packaged with an instruction booklet in several languages and a sample of lube.

Retailing: Point out the superior craftsmanship as opposed to some other brands.


Colors: Silver, hot pink, mauve, pink, military green, purple, copper, red, pea green, yellow, metallic green, lime green, gun metal, baby blue, gold, black

Display: Hanging

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