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I Rub My Duckie – SweetHeart Duckie
Manufacturer: Big Teaze Toys

I Rub My Duckie – SweetHeart Duckie


This travel-sized Duckie from Big Teaze Toys is nothing short of adorable. The white duck is embellished with a crystal in her beak and a fake fur boa that is removable. Her bright blue eyes are the only real color but she simply glows. The perfect bathtub companion, SweetHeart Duckie comes in a heart-shaped plastic case that rests on a black base and adorned with a bright red ribbon tied in a bow.

Website: BigTeazeToys.com
Retailing: The smaller sized Duckie is no less powerful and enjoyable than its larger counterparts.
Display: Shelf
Power: One AAA battery (not included)
MSRP: $$