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Hydromax 30
Manufacturer: Bathmate

Hydromax 30


Bathmate is more of a workout for the penis than a traditional pump. Designed to be used in the tub or shower, Bathmate Hydromax 30 can be filled with water before it’s placed over the penis to help create a vacuum inside. As the water is expelled from the tube, the penis grows in size. The Hydromax 30 is a second-generation unit, so it generates 35 percent more suction force than its predecessor.

Website: HydromaxBathmate.com
Retailing: The Hydromax 30 also incorporates a new Bellows Pump system for better, faster results.
Dimensions: 7.15 inches long by 1.95 inches girth
Colors: Blue, clear, red
MSRP: $$$$$

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