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Hitachi Magic Wand & G-spotter/G-spotter Deluxe
Manufacturer: Good Vibrations

Hitachi Magic Wand & G-spotter/G-spotter Deluxe


In a world of lightweight wireless wonders, it’s easy to overlook the virtues of the most popular vibrator on the planet. After all, the Hitachi Magic Wand weighs well over a pound, plugs into the wall, and boasts only two speeds. What it lacks in frills, however, the wand more than compensates for with its proven ability to elicit orgasms from even the most recalcitrant clitoris. Couple this unbridled power with a well-designed attachment that fits snugly over the head, and you have the makings of the ultimate G-spot machine. The G-spotter and G-Spotter Deluxe are made of hygienic, phthalate-free silicone that transmits the wand’s vibrations more effectively than conventional materials. Both models are similar, but the green-marbled Deluxe features a probe that’s slightly longer and wider, a ridge for clitoral stimulation, and a textured back in case a partner wants to snuggle up and share the good vibes. Ergonomically designed to reach both the G-spot and P-spot, these add-ons are the ultimate after-market accessories for the Hitachi—and will fit nicely on the cordless AcuVibe, as well.