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Hitachi Magic Wand Controller
Manufacturer: Sex Toy Distributing

Hitachi Magic Wand Controller


As the world's most popular vibrator, the Hitachi Magic Wand leaves little room for improvement. However, of the few complaints we've heard about the perennial favorite, one of the most common has been about its lack of variable speed control-until now. Those who crave something between the default high and low settings of the Hitachi Wand will find a world of variables in this dial router speed control. Just plug your wand (or similar vibe) into the unit, plug the unit into the wall, and then control the speed with the dial. Besides the variable and off settings, the three-way rocker switch allows for instant access to full power, which we found to be a very convenient feature.

Along with G-spot attachments, this is the perfect upsell attachment for Wand vibes, even though it costs about as much as a Hitachi itself. Sure, it's a little bulky, but the wand isn't exactly petite, either, and together they made a dynamic duo that will satisfy even the most finicky control freak. $$