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Fleshlight Vibro
Manufacturer: Interactive Life Forms

Fleshlight Vibro


It’s hard to believe there are many things out there that could top the Fleshlight. Thankfully, the minds at Interactive Life Forms didn’t see it that way, and they have introduced the Fleshlight Vibro. Featuring the same Real Feel Superskin material as the original line of Fleshlights, the Vibro versions really get things humming with the inclusion of three powerful bullet vibes. Combine the vibrations with either the original Fleshlight inner sleeve or the newly designed Touch or Cyclone sleeves, and this definitely ain’t your father’s Fleshlight. Since the bullets are removeable, the intensity of the vibrations can be controlled by using any combination. The “holsters” for the bullets, which are near the top of the sleeve, hold them securely, so there’s no worry they will pop out and rattle around during use. Once the bullets are operating, the party starts upon insertion, as the vibration runs the length of the sleeve. After use and abuse, the interior can easily be cleaned, and it dries quickly, so the Fleshlight Vibro is ready to go again as soon as you are.

Retailing: Fleshlight displays are always a big hit, so let shoppers feel the designs of the new Touch and Cyclone sleeves.

MSRP: $$$

Contents: Flashlight-style casing, Real Feel Superskin sleeve, three bullet vibes

Varieties: Original, Touch, Cyclone