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Manufacturer: Interactive Life Forms



No man on God's green earth should be without a Fleshlight or Fleshjack, it's beyond sexual preference. They are, by far, the best faux-skin masturbators on the market. Interactive Life Forms has perfected the science of realistic skin. With all of the top-notch, similar products on the market, this is truly a feat! Fleshlights are marketed for straight men, while Fleshjacks appeal to the gay community. Web sales thus far have been incredible, thought most men I've talked to, while having heard of the product, haven't seen them in stores. Therefore, if you are not already carrying the entire range, you most definitely are missing out on dollars. From orifices shaped like a pussy, mouth, or ass and in a wide array of various textured inserts, there is a Fleshlight/Fleshjack for everyone... One is even see-through! The best part is users can adjust the suction depending on how tight they like their masturbation sleeve to be.

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