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Fleshlight Blade
Manufacturer: Interactive Life Forms

Fleshlight Blade


The Blade marks the first new product from Fleshlight in 10 years, and it was well worth the wait.

The revolutionary part of the Blade is the hilt-shaped case, which is a squeezable plastic. Users can
easily control the tightness of the vaginal opening by squeezing the case as much or as little as desired. Like all other Fleshlight products, the sleeve removes for easier cleaning and drying. Though the flexible case makes it a little trickier to put the sleeve back in, a bottom cap removes to make it easier to pull the sleeve through. And, of course, the Blade has a unique texture that resembles multiple sword cuts in the silicone, making it sharply intense.

Website: Fleshlight.com
Retailing: Fleshlight continues to be a hit among male shoppers; more than 4 million units sold make it worth stocking.
Varieties: Vaginal
Display: Shelf
MSRP: $$$