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Eupho Syn
Manufacturer: Aneros

Eupho Syn


Made in the USA from FDA-approved materials, the Eupho Syn is designed for male pleasure. The slim stem is ergonomically designed to target the prostate while an extension on the handle hits the perineum, so both areas are simultaneously stimulated, leading to intense orgasms. The stem and the perineum tab are coated in velvety soft silicone, while the looped portion of the handle is a flexible plastic. Once the Eupho Syn is inserted, the user only needs to slowly contract and relax the sphincter muscle to allow the massager to hit the P-spot.

Website: Aneros.com
Retailing: The Eupho Syn is easier to insert when the user is on his side.
Colors: Black and red
Display: Shelf
MSRP: $$$