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Don’t Stop Massage Candle
Manufacturer: Booty Parlor

Don’t Stop Massage Candle


Booty Parlor combines soy wax, shea butter and jojoba, coconut, olive and palm kernel oils for a rich and moisturizing massage oil when the candle melts. The ceramic container also has a spout for tidy pouring. The soft glow of the candle sets the mood for a romantic evening, and when couples are ready to play they just need to drizzle the melted wax onto bare skin and massage it in. The candle melts at just over body temperature so it will warm the skin during massage. And the essential oils make it emollient.

Website: BootyParlor.com
Retailing: The ceramic container has a decorative ribbon around the middle in Booty Parlor’s signature pink and black color scheme.
Scents: Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon, Exotic Sandalwood Vanilla
Display: Shelf
MSRP: $$

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